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The Choral Corral



By Patti Barnes, Music Director


The Latest Roundup… Summer 2018

Summer is in full swing, and Bethel’s Family Choir again has some extra time to kick back and enjoy some well-earned relaxation instead of heading off to rehearsals on Thursday evenings — at least for a few weeks!
Bethel’s regular Thursday night rehearsals are scheduled to resume at 7:15 p.m. on September 6, 2018 (the first Thursday night after Labor Day). And, as usual, rehearsals for our special Advent and Christmas Services will begin the last Sunday in September (which this year is September 30) immediately after the Sunday Service. We fervently pray that ANYONE and EVERYONE
who has ever thought about worshiping and praising our Lord in song will join us in the fun, learning, fellowship, and service that singing in the Choir entails. This year, a brand new choir robe is waiting JUST FOR YOU!
Bethel’s Choir will also be singing for our traditional summertime “Choral Sunday,” or what has also been known as the “Summer Sing,” tentatively scheduled to occur this year on August 5. We will be gathering for a rehearsal on Thursday night, August 2, at 7:15 p.m., in order to prepare a fun, easy, and uplifting anthem to be included in the services on the 5th of August. If it is a very warm night, we may even include an apres-rehearsal outing to a local ice cream shop for those who are interested. Everyone is invited to join us! This is a great opportunity to find out what goes on and also have some fun. So, please mark your calendars and we hope to see you in the choir for this event!


***For more information about any of the above, contact Patti Barnes, Music Director.***

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